6 balloony Valentine's day ideas Feb 03, 2015

Valentine's day is coming. The day of flowers, chocolate boxes and stuffed animals. But most importantly, it's one of the sweetest days of the year. And no matter if you have someone special, or just a whole bunch of people you care about, Valentine's day is here to celebrate love. Without banality and those dust collecting stuffed animals, but with awesome friends and some bright balloony accessories.

Here are 6 ideas for you and your special people to make this Valentine's day a day to remember!

* Get a bunch of glowing heart shaped balloons, then give them one by one to people you meet on the street!

* Organize dinner with friends, and light up the room with LED balloons instead of candles!

* With a little help from your friends, get as many LED balloons as possible, then go to some public place and let them up in the air. Make this day special for everyone! (Don't forget to snap pictures!)

* Send a box of balloons to your BFF. Surprise her and simply say thanks for being in your life!

* Organize Valentine's disco night and dance your pants off!

* Go for a walk with your special someone, and prepare a magic surprise at the end of the walk!

With these ideas and good friends, this won't be just another Valentine's day!



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