Colorful and glowing LED balloons
for your party that’s anything but ordinary
Custom solutions

Choose our LED balloons and surprise your party guests. Or blow them away with our custom lighting solutions! Supersized balloon lamps, remote controllable strings of lights, and other professional solutions made individually for your event.

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Customer stories

For parties and events with no electric power, LED balloons are a perfect solution. For this reason, the 99ledballoons products have become pretty popular, and we are very pleased with our collaboration.

Kerstin Rahula Sinihele OÜ / Õhupallikeskus

When we first met, we were pleasantly surprised about this team of young professionals who were doing big things so qualitatively. Since the very beginning, and throughout all the steps of our collaboration, we were sure that everything will go right as planned.

Janis Sipkevics & Reinis Sejans Instrumenti
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